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Jasmine Ann

 My Name is Jasmine Ann and I am not a medical practitioner but a former back and sciatic pain sufferer. I have lived first hand with pain and I understand….I know you are coping with back pain issues and/or sciatica and you want to help yourself. I know you want to beat this thing. 

I don’t believe in secrets, just commitment to work and possible solutions…

We are all different but here I try to help by highlighting some key areas you need to take notice of. 

If you are reading this you have had enough of back pain and sciatica running your life and you are sick of it. Time to make your back your friend and work together to beat this thing!

I am going to say to you straight away that we strongly recommend you always consult a healthcare professional over any health and back issues.  Your health is your responsibility.

Please read the disclaimer at the end of this Free Guide.

 The Plan

This is an overview of the first steps you can take in your Back Pain Plan. I will be sending you more information in the weeks to come to help you to help yourself.

1. Never give up! Keep searching for your solution.

2. Tackle stress, anxiety and depression.

3. Back care questions.

4. Don’t continue doing what doesn’t work

5. Record your pain.

6. Explain your pain.

7. Relieving Pain

8. Looking After Your Posture

9. Do You Really Need Back Surgery?

10. Know your responsibilities to yourself. 

 1. Always Keep Searching For Your Back Pain Solution.

Stay inspired to keep on seeking that information and finding what will work for you.  It is frustrating, even crushing when you try and it fails you and you have to try again. Never give up. You do not know what is around the corner. Your first steps to a smoother search…

Do try to go for products that have a money back guarantee. Not everything will suit every person. Don’t write off anything until you are sure it is not right for you but do get the reassurance of a money back guarantee.

For hands on treatments it is less easy to get your money back but do not sign up for long courses of treatment until you know it is helping you. 

 Give any treatment or product a fair trial-as long at it comes within its guarantee period. It is easy to feel that this is the one that should work then when it doesn’t within a week or two you get disillusioned. You must give your body time to adjust and you must do or take the product diligently.

By all means ask for advice or others experiences but you must make you own mind up for you. You will only know when you experience it for yourself.

If you try something new, you must commit to doing it. It sounds obvious but if you do not do it, it will not work.

Don’t treat only the symptoms or just mask the symptoms. Look for solutions that tackle the symptoms AND the root cause of your pain.

Your health is your responsibility; consult a healthcare professional over anything that concerns you.

The "Lose the Back Pain" system is the main thing which helped to relieve my sciatic and back pain and get me on the road to back health. Lose The Back Pain is non surgical and non invasive. It  comprises simple guided self assessments and a self treatment plan to identify the physical dysfunctions and imbalances you may have you may have which may be responsible for your pain. 

·        It includes information about muscle imbalances and the balanced body approach, how to do the simple self assessments and you see the exercises demonstrated. It also includes pain reduction strategies and recommendations, techniques and treatments for specific back pain issues.

If Neck pain is your main issue please read more at :-

Lose The Neck Pain System Information

 2. Tackle Stress, Anxiety And Depression 

that may accompany back pain and sciatica.

It is difficult having back pain and sciatica. Constant pain is draining and not surprisingly many of us at some time or another end up with depression, anxiety issues or plain stressed out over it all. 

It is really hard to be motivated, strong and up beat when you are experiencing emotional stress and depression.

There is debate over whether depression causes back pain or back pain causes depression. Whatever you do you need to tackle the depression or stress if it affects you as it can be very debilitating. Here are just a few simple ways you can try…

·        Do a grateful diary-try to write 3 things each day that you are grateful for or make  you happy.

·        Do something every day that is just for you that makes you feel good.

·        Focus on what you CAN DO and do not beat yourself up over the rest.

·        Try good de-stressing or meditation methods:

If you feel that your stress, anxiety or depression is more serious please consult a qualified healthcare professional and if having suicidal thoughts also seek support from the helpline for your country.

 3. Ask Good Back Care Questions.

It is your body. It is your back. Whatever is offered to you make sure you are happy and comfortable with it.  Ask all the questions you need to feel comfortable.

Take in a list with you to any healthcare appointment if it helps for you to remember them.

You need to be focusing on diagnosis and all the treatment options, medication and pros and cons.

What is the exact diagnosis?                                                                                                                                             

What are all my treatment options?

Are there waiting lists for the back pain treatment options? If so how long?

What back pain assessments will you do and what will the assessments tell you about my condition?

How many sessions of treatment will I need?

What do you hope to achieve with these back pain and sciatica relief exercise will I know they are helping me?

Can you explain to me exactly which muscles/nerves etc are involved and how they affect me and my back pain and/or sciatica?

What exactly is the medication you are prescribing and what are the side effects of the medication you are prescribing?

Will the medication and any herbal remedies I am using affect each other?

(Take in a list of all prescribed and non prescribed medications/herbal/supplements etc you take)

What happens if this doesn't work?

Could I be worse off after the treatment?                                  

What are the risks?                                                       

How many appointments will I need?  How frequently?

What exactly will this treatment do for me?

How much will it all cost?

Do I need an MRI / CAT scan/X Ray or any other tests?
              Is there a waiting list?
             What is the difference between these ?
             What will these be able to tell you about my condition?

Is there anything I should/must avoid doing?

4. Don’t Continue Doing What Doesn’t Work.

·        As long as you are aware of the risks and benefits and you are comfortable with them and have checked with your healthcare provider it is OK for you, try everything you feel will help you.

·        Review your progress with a treatment. It’s a fine line between sticking with something that is not working and giving up too early on a treatment.

Some things take time to work. Give your body time to adjust to any new treatment.

Keep a record of all your treatments and the effect they have on you. Keep a record of whether they made you feel better or worse and in what ways over a time period.

5. Keep A Record Of Your Pain.

How will you keep track if you don’t record it?

Take your records with you to consultations and share them with anyone who is supporting you in your back care.

·        Record your pain on a pain scale so that you and your healthcare provider are working from the same page. Talking the same language if you like…

You can make your own scale up, or look around to see what others have used. As long as you share your codings with the person you are talking with about your health it doesn't matter...

This is the one I used which you are welcome to ..

0 = totally pain free

1-2=very mild, slightly nagging only occasional. Can do anything.

3=mild, annoying, still more pain free than painful. Can be affected by certain activities/interventions. Feel the need to take care.

4-5=moderate, intrusive when occurs, pain and pain free times about equal. Can be affected /eased by certain activities/interventions.

6=moderate to severe when occurs. Still not all the time but when occurs painful and affects what I can do. Activities limited. Pain relief interventions necessary.

7=Moderate to severe. More painful times than pain free. When occurs painful and affects what I can do and is debilitating. Activities restricted and interventions essential. Affects my ability to work when it occurs.

8=severe. Painful almost all the time. Doesn't seem to matter what I do or don't do. Everything is painful. Affects my quality of life. Affects my ability to work. Affects me emotionally/mentally as well as physically. Pain relief interventions crucial.

9=very severe. Always painful. Affects quality of life. Very debilitating. Affects me emotionally/mentally as well as physically. Affects my ability to work. Pain relief interventions crucial.

10.=Extremely severe. Affects everything. Activities severely limited. Unbearable. Affects me emotionally /mentally as well as physically. Cannot work. Pain relief interventions crucial and essential.

6. Explaining Your Back Pain

One of the issues with back pain is that it is often invisible and hard to describe. You may look fine. You may not have any obvious sign of illness so it’s hard for people to understand.

They also forget that you may be restricted in what you can do physically, feel down and vulnerable or don’t get any sleep. 

Choose a quiet time and explain how it affects you emotionally and physically.

 7. Relieving pain

This may initially be your main concern. You should see a healthcare professional about any pain relief and if it is a prescription medication have it reviewed regularly. If a doctor agrees it is OK for you there may also be more natural methods of pain relief that may suit you.

Consider a TENS machine. This uses electrical pulses via pads that are placed on the body to to ease the pain. I used these about an hour before bed to take the edge off the pain and sometimes during the day. It will not suit everyone though and you must consult your doctor first especially if you have any other prior medical conditions.

Ice and heat. You will need to judge for yourself if ice or heat help you better.  It can be very useful if you have a new injury to place ice on the affected area of pain. Wrap ice in a towel first though as otherwise it may burn your skin.

After the first 24 hours you may find heat is more effective. You can use anything from a hot water bottle to more portable heat pads you can buy at most chemists. Always read the instructions carefully.

·        Consider Heal and Soothe™ After years of research and testing, The Healthy Back Institute created  Heal and Soothe™. It includes what they believe is the best combination of enzymes and herbs that have been proven to fight off inflammation and reduce pain. 

·         Click here for more detailed information about Heal and Sooth  

·        Rub On Relief cream can be very effective on muscle pains in my experience. My husband also used it for pain in his arms. It is easy to use and unlike some other pain relief creams it has a pleasant and not overpowering scent so you can go out in company after using it !

·        You can learn more about Rub On relief by clicking here 

Whatever method of pain relief you use do continue to look for the root cause of your pain and if possible address that.

8. Your Posture

If you have back and sciatic pain-or even if you don’t- your posture is very important. However no matter how many times someone tells you to straighten up or look after your posture, it can be very difficult. We forget, we can’t seem to get into the correct posture and it all becomes hard work on top of everything else. It was the same for me.

I then discovered that by using simple back supports and posture devices that I could maintain a good posture and get great support in any chair with these few products. If you want to know more please click on the article below

Back Pain Support Cushions Reviewed

 9. Back Surgery is it for you? 

You may well if you have had back and sciatic pain for some time have back surgery suggested to you. Unless it is a medical emergency, you do need to consider this carefully. Ask lots of questions and weigh up the pros and cons. Only you and your doctor can make the final decision, but do not go into it lightly.

Here are a few questions to ask

How often do you /this hospital etc perform this back surgery?
Is it essential/urgent I have back surgery now? If yes why?
If it is not urgent/essential I have back surgery now can I try other treatments first then come back?

How long will I be in recovery after the back surgery?
Will I need to do any maintenance? If so what?

 For considerations of back surgery please read the following article.

Back And Spine Surgery

 10. Its Your Body, It’s Your Back.

When I got back pain and severe burning sciatica in both legs I was scared of my back, hated my back for giving me pain, for ruining my lovely life…

   I got nowhere with that attitude. 

Learn to treat your back right, give it the proper amount of rest and relaxation, exercise and good nutrition and water. Find the root cause of your pain. Learn to care for and love your back.

I realized I needed to look after my back and my body as much as I would a pet!  I shifted my thinking from being scared of my own body to taking care of my back.

 You know your body like no one else.

·        Learn to listen to your back.

·        Be aware of the RED FLAGS of Back pain. They mean you must consult with a healthcare professional immediately.

RED FLAGS and back pain...when it is essential you are checked out by a medical practitioner.

I have looked around and these appear to be the red flags raised among many professionals regarding back pain. This is not a definitive list but if you experience any of the following it is wise for you to consult with a healthcare professional urgently:

Back Pain and ;

  • Loss of bowel or bladder function.

  • Paralysis or persistent numbness of any part of your body

  • Pain in your arms and chest.

  • Allergic reaction to any medication.

  • You are younger than 20 or older than 55 and getting back pain for the first time.

  • You have had an accident /injury e.g. been in a road traffic accident etc.
  • Back pain that is constant and getting progressively worse.

  • Back pain and you have (or have had cancer in the past)

  • Fever or feeling very unwell

  • Progressive motor weakness

  • Unexplained weight loss and back pain

  • Urinary tract infection with back pain

  • You have had a transplant and are now getting back pain.

 In Conclusion…

There are no secrets just possible solutions for you to try. I found my solution; I truly want you to find yours.

 You are whole and perfect just as you are. You have every right to be here and every right to be happy and healthy.

I will send you more tips,information and suggestions if you remain subscribed to my newsletter.

 Stay inspired, get in control and look after your pet back!

    Gentle Hugs Jasmine ann

"No Secrets: Sciatica Solutions"© 

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