My Sciatica Story

Do You Get A Restful Nights Sleep?

Sleeping with sciatica and back pain can be quite a challenge- I understand...

Days with sciatic and back pain are bad enough and sleeping or rather not sleeping with sciatic pain is worse. Here I will discuss  various sleep solutions, hints and tips, strategies and back pain remedies to help you.

Here you will find articles to give you the information to make your own choices to what will support you, sleeping with sciatica, to get a better nights sleep.

 Insomnia due to sciatica can be a vicious cycle and lead to more pain, depression and just makes everyday things difficult to cope with. While you are not sleeping your body cannot heal so well and you get exhausted and stressed out often resulting in worse back and sciatic pain.

I am not just talking academically about sleeping with sciatica, I have lived it!

Without good restful healing sleep nothing else seems to work very well so I investigated until I found things that helped me to get to sleep with sciatica and would love to share with you now.

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